Beginning Basics

What is the oboe?  And this other more obscure instrument, the english horn?  They are both quite complicated instruments, neither for the feint of heart and require years of study to understand.  The videos shared below are a good primer as to what they are, what a professional musician sounds like, and how the instruments work.

Here  is John Ferillo, Principal Oboist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, sharing lyrical solos, insights on reed making and discussing the oboe’s functionality in orchestra repertoire.

Pedro Diaz, a highly accomplished english horn and oboe player, shares a little bit about the english horn, how it works, stories of his journey as a musician and some beautiful clips from performances.

For the beginning basics of oboe playing such as embouchure, hand position, articulation, and dynamics, Dr. Christa Garvey has created a fantastic collection of tutorial videos that can be found here.  This is one that focuses on how to form a good embouchure:



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